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By September 13, 2023 September 15th, 2023 No Comments

William Campbell Gallery announces new artist Marshall Harris

Photos courtesy of William Campbell Gallery

The William Campbell Gallery in Fort Worth announced in August its newest affiliated artist, Marshall Harris.

“Harris is perhaps best known for his larger-than-life, hyperrealist renderings of figures and objects, specifically saddles, portraits and new conceptual works,” the gallery said.

“Marshall’s work also includes experimental constructions of repurposed objects or ephemera, newly created carpentry, as well as using wood and other natural objects as his medium and subject matter. The partnership with WCG seeks to make Marshall’s work more accessible to the public than ever before.”

Seven new works by Harris are available in the gallery and include graphite on Mylar and graphite on paper drawings. The drawings depict negative and positive renderings of a subject.

Harris calls these pairings “Yin-Yang” and describes them as “a reversal drawing where the original subject is drawn in negative where lights are darks and darks are light.”

“I’ve always admired the art legacy that Bill and Pam Campbell built in Fort Worth with their gallery,” Harris said. “To join the brilliant artists here and get to work with today’s team of partners and gallerists really is an honor. I’m both humbled and exhilarated to bring my contemporary work to these patrons and collectors.”

Born in San Antonio, Harris received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design in 1979 from TCU, where he created the university’s Flying T logo. He also played football at TCU and in the National Football League. He turned to fine art when he retired.

“Marshall’s work has evolved over the last 13 years. I’ve always admired his dedication to his impeccable larger-than-life renderings, and his evolution into new media and new subjects is great to see,” said gallery director Anne Kelly Lewis. “The newer explorative approaches to not only creating art, but the deeply meaningful messages in his subjects, are raw and emotional.”